Runtime Statistics

  • Start, Stop and Restart Apache
  • View basic process information
  • View extended runtime Information

ApacheGUI Control

Edit Configuration

  • Edit your configuration files right from your browser
  • Auto Suggest directives as you type
  • Hover directives to view details
  • Open several tabs to edit multiple configuration files at the same time
  • Test the server configuration for errors
  • Generate the active configuration file list to see which configuration files you are using
  • Search for keywords in the configuration files
  • Full inline editor with advanced functionality including editor themes, tab visibility and find/replace

ApacheGUI Configuration Auto Suggest

Manage VirtualHosts

  • View all VirtualHosts in a tree view
  • Hover directives to view details in tree view
  • View the VirtualHost hierarchy
  • Add VirtualHosts
  • Edit, Add and Delete Lines within VirtualHosts

ApacheGUI Virtual Host Tree

ApacheGUI Virtual Host Hierarchy

Monitor Logs

  • Search and export search results to a flat file
  • Download log files
  • Tail logs in real time

ApacheGUI Logs

Edit Web Documents

  • View all configured Document directories
  • Edit your web documents right from your browser
  • Open several tabs to edit multiple documents at the same time
  • Full syntax highlighting for html, css, javascript, xml, json, php, perl, shell, properties and python
  • Full inline editor with advanced functionality including editor themes, tab visibility, toggling editor modes, find/replace, auto comment and auto format.

ApacheGUI Web Documents

Manage Global Settings

  • Manage global server settings
  • Manage configured MIME types
  • Manage server modules

ApacheGUI Global Settings

Easy GUI Configuration

  • Easily change settings and configure a new server
  • Change between different graphical themes
  • View server information

ApacheGUI GUISettings

Historical Data

  • Record and search through detailed Apache transactions
  • Save searches to a CSV file

ApacheGUI History With DB

ApacheGUI Search


  • Graph detailed transactions by month or day

ApacheGUI History Graph With DB

ApacheGUI Graph Results

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